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When you step into the field of web making or Online Marketing, more or less you have heard the terms about SEO and many people even recommend that you do SEO for the website to be competitive and increase the conversion rate. . So what exactly what is SEO? And how can you achieve success in SEO?

What is SEO?

When you follow this article, I’m sure many of you already know what SEO is in Marketing, or what SEO is to do. But here, I will still present an overview of SEO, the benefits of SEO so that those who are still unclear or do not know enough about SEO can grasp it.

Suppose you are a newbie who has just stepped into the field of SEO. In that case, you want to learn more about SEO to be able to understand it most accurately and completely, then this article is for you. If you already have a firm grasp of the basic concepts of SEO and the importance of SEO. In that case, you can skip this article to refer to SEO ways here.

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Overview of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization. And website SEO is a collection of methods to help improve the ranking of a website on the search engine results page – SERPs (usually Google).

    What is SEO need to do

The most important result of doing SEO is how much the website ranks on the search engine bar. This is similar to how you display a product and must make it in the most prominent and easy to see position.

The 2 key factors that determine success in implementing SEO are:

      What is On-Page SEO?

seo onpage là gì

On-page SEO is a collection of methods of optimizing elements displayed right on the website, subpages and repeated many times when posting new articles. The purpose is to improve the website’s ranking on search engine results.

     What is Onpage Optimization?

Contrary to Offpage SEO, Onpage SEO is the easiest and fastest way when you can control 100% of your results.

However, the most perfect SEO tactic is still a proficient combination of both Offpage SEO and Onpage SEO methods. If you are looking to improve and quickly improve your SEO skills, check it out Entity Master 

    What is Off-page SEO?

seo offpage là gì

Off-page SEO is a collection of tips to optimize external factors of the website, including link building, marketing on social media channels, social media bookmarking, etc. thousand traffic.

      What is Offpage SEO? 3 basic factors in offpage SEO tips you need to care about

Of all three factors (link building, social media marketing, social media bookmarking) and other influencing factors, SEO backlinks is the most important factor.

This factor has the most influence on your keyword rankings and your website in search engines. And this is also the part I will cover the most in this article.

These backlinks act as a vote for your blog/website content. The more quality votes, the more likely your website is to rank high in search results.

The process of building and finding backlinks is called link building. Whether your SEO Web succeeds or not is thanks to “quality” link building strategies.

    6 Types of SEO

The 6 most popular types of SEO today.

Overall SEO: is optimizing the entire website according to Google standards and a number of other factors to increase the reputation and quality of the website, and improve the user experience.

Keyword SEO: only focus on optimizing keywords to increase the highest rankings on search results pages like Google.

SEO Social: combine distribution on Facebook or Twitter with SEO Google to contribute to improving the website’s ranking on the natural search results page.

Image SEO: optimizing product images, website images to rank higher on Google search results and other image search engines.

SEO App: helps the app appear on mobile search results.

Local SEO: suitable for local business forms, attracting potential customers to visit the best store

What is the ultimate goal of SEO?

monitor screengrab

       The goal of SEO is quite simple, that is to Top Google? No not really, I come to SEO not because of Top but because of the influence that Top Google brings to me – Revenue and Brand.

        Understand what Google SEO is – Search engine optimization improves website rankings

“80% of users click on Organic results instead of Google Ads. And out of that 80%, an average of 65% clicks on the top 5 results.”

      Those figures don’t lie. Therefore, in the process of doing SEO, the ranking of the website on the search engine bar is the most important thing. This is similar to your display Display the product and make it in the most prominent and easily visible position.

SEO is an important part of Marketing and Business

SEO is a fundamental part of Digital Marketing as people perform trillions of searches each year, mostly for commercial purposes to find information about products and services. Search is the primary source of online traffic for brands and complements other marketing channels.

        Greater visibility and higher ranking in search results than your competitors can have an important impact on the results of your business, whatever the form of results.

Benefits of SEO for Business

     In your opinion, what are the benefits of SEO marketing channels? Why in Vietnam today so many people are flocking to learn SEO and do web SEO?

1. A sustainable & continuously growing customer acquisition channel

      Optimizing SEO gives your website the opportunity to reach the TOP of Google search, which means attracting thousands of traffic to the website. And you can maintain this result for a very long time because basically, the website is optimized for SEO, well recognized by Google and you just need to maintain them.

2. Increase ROI

person writing on white paper

     ROI (Return On Investment) is the ratio of profit earned to investment costs, the higher the ROI, the more efficient the business operation is.

With SEO, you can:

     Estimated profit from the amount of traffic coming in

Improve the conversion rate of each keyword brought, improve revenue

     Analyze and evaluate the current state of business websites, solve specific problems that directly affect revenue.

Increase ROI with SEO.

     You can read more at this article to understand more about ROI and why a business should care about ROI.

     Moreover, thanks to effective SEO, your business can optimize marketing costs for ads by implementing SEO-PPC coordination strategies.

3. Long-term investment

     Unlike advertising – when you stop investing advertising also turns off, SEO brings long-term results after an effective optimization period. Your website is still at the top, still attracting traffic for free, still bringing in customers even without much implementation.

4. Flexibility, navigating customers according to their wishes

three person using laptops

    Website is also a form of Owned Media – a media channel owned by the “owner”.

      Because the website is owned media, it will have benefits that only owned media can have. For example, when there is a new campaign, for example, my website can easily navigate users on the page the way I want such as internal links, website banners, etc. Without any additional cost.

    Owned media leads to Earned Media – channels that are built on brand strength.

     Because of an engaging website and engaging content, websites and social media users will take notice. Earned media is 88% more trustworthy to customers than owned media alone.

5. Improve the UX/UI of the users on the website

     Because Google will rely on customer behavior to evaluate the quality of the website, consider whether to put your website on TOP or not? Therefore, optimizing SEO will be a double job – both helping the website to be appreciated by Google and helping to score points in the eyes of customers because of good UX / UI optimization.

     Customer experience is also something SEOer needs to optimize

6. Understand the behavior of potential customers

Monitor customer behavior

      As I said above, SEO can help you optimize your advertising costs with combined SEO – PPC strategies, this also depends on understanding customer behavior.

       Many businesses are often confused about whether to choose SEO or PPC, but under the experience of industry experts, you should plan a remarketing strategy to target audiences that are obtained thanks to SEO, such as customers who have visited important pages. are in the Customer Journey funnel because they are the correct leads.

8. Building, strengthening and developing a sustainable brand

     SEO helps build and develop brands on search engines

Most users using the Google search engine, or other search engines, will never stop at searching for a keyword or clicking on a website on the search results and then done.

     Instead, they tend to search for related keywords many, many and many times until they get the most complete information.

What does this mean in SEO?

     Your website will be more likely to appear continuously in the eyes of searchers at the top position on Google. And the opportunity will be even higher when users see your business as one of the experts in the business field about the products and services they are aiming for.

     Assuming you consistently appear in the top 5 search engine positions of the keywords they’re searching for, are you one of the top 5 market leaders in your industry?

     Have you also (and still are) commenting “The ranking of the website on the Internet?

The higher the search engine results, the more reputable the site is.

And this is also the truth.

     Keyword search engine rankings are like a vote of trust: “Google for a website that ranks first, which means that website is a leading company in this field.”

     The higher you rank in search results, the more trust you have in the eyes of customers.

SEO’s primary process

    SEO includes many techniques from simple to advanced, beginners easily give up. But don’t worry when I have systematized the SEO process through the infographic below. Let’s start simple to do bigger things.

SEO’s primary process. See detailed SEO process here

Keyword research:

     Research keywords with free and paid tools. The easiest way to start is to understand what your customers are looking for

Content Construction:

Implement Content Expert based on the Keyword list that you researched before


Optimize keywords, heading tags, meta descriptions, images, .. for the content that you have deployed


      Building a Backlink system to create trust and promote SEO key URLs

Result tracking:

      Always keep track of the results that you took on previous steps to come up with the next goals.

Advanced optimization:

     Continue further analysis, perform advanced optimization steps. Simply keeping top is harder than SEO top

CRO – Conversion rate optimization:

       The ultimate goal is Revenue and Brand. Don’t stop optimizing CRO to make your SEO process successful.

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