SEO Expert: 15 Things To Know If You Want To Become An SEO Expert 2021

SEO Expert things need to do

SEO is actually quite easy to learn. The proof is that almost anyone can find website SEO training courses and quickly become an SEOer, regardless of whether they have been entrepreneurs, marketers, journalists, etc. However, not everyone can. Become a pro, or in other words, develop into an SEO expert.

On the other hand, I am sure that becoming an SEO expert is always the top goal of SEOers. Because me personally too!

So, how to become an SEO Expert?

I had to do a lot of research on the factors related to the habits, skills, and knowledge required to equip the path to a professional SEOer.

Moreover, I have also been practicing one by one and find that the elements work. The entire SEO team at GTV, who is in charge of implementing SEO service projects for customers, also has a training route to become an SEO expert. Rest assured, I am happy to share this with you now through this article!

Are you ready to train with me to become an SEO expert? Let’s get started now!

What is an SEO expert?

SEO (search engine optimization) experts improve website rankings on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Experts ensure on-page optimization to produce relevant search results and positive user experiences, increasing traffic, leads, and brand awareness.

What is SEO Expert?

In addition, an SEO expert is also a person who can see and answer all user questions about SEO-related issues; Regularly update new trends, and apply them effectively.

Most of all, they take advantage of every minute of their day researching the search technology industry by following and learning from other world-renowned experts.

SEO experts are also those who can both come up with ideas on marketing plans and directly suggest appropriate implementation methods.

Specific duties of an SEO Expert include:

  • Set the rules
  • Industry research
  • Update SEO trends
  • Planning SEO strategy
  • Leading every strategy
  • Conduct trial and error checking
  • Analyze data and turn it into conversion rates
  • Plan, test, discuss, and execute a marketing strategy.

What is an SEO staff?

SEO staff are the recipients of recommendations from other departments, especially from experts, and directly carry out all major SEO processes.

Also, because they spend all their time practicing, they have almost no time to study the entire SEO industry.

SEO staff can sometimes implement strategies better than experts, but their scope of work is still limited because they almost only follow instructions and carry out the same work every day.

Specific duties of an SEO staff include:

  • Proficient implementation of SEO techniques
  • Set up and implement strategies recommended by an SEO expert
  • Receive instructions and embark on research work
  • Implement SEO process and report results
  • Make sure the data is installed correctly; check for errors.
  • Maintain work progress

Overall, both SEO professionals and staff have their own merits. Most major SEO agencies have multiple SEOs and an SEO expert who consults to improve their overall strategy.

SEO professionals need staff to help them with specific tasks, like link building and maintenance; In return, SEO staff need experts to support them to update new trends and help them navigate new projects.

Why should you read this article?

First, I would like to confirm that I am not personally an SEO expert, and actually, I have only started to self-study web SEO since the beginning of 2016.

học seo lên top cùng chuyên gia seo

Why should you read this article?

  • Within only 3 years, continuously practicing and implementing more than 100 SEO projects for clients brings a lot of opportunities to help me perfect and upgrade my SEO skills.
  • Successfully deploying SEO for the GTV SEO brand itself to the top #1 keyword “SEO services” for 2 years.
    Founding company GTV – Agency providing SEO services trusted by more than 100 businesses.
  • Building an effective SEO process system and managing GTV’s product department with more than 50 SEO technicians and content marketers.

And most importantly, I do not hesitate to share my experience and help many of you in the SEO community succeed with my project. This has helped me approach many fields, websites and understand how to flexibly apply SEO to drive revenue for businesses.

In this article, I will share with you how I learned SEO. Let’s find out!

What does it take to become an SEO expert?

Habits to become an SEO expert
4 Habits of an SEO Expert

Be patient, practice a lot

It’s a myth if you’ve ever thought that if you want to be good at SEO, you just need to read a lot of in-depth articles from experts. in the industry or participate in discussions in a certain SEO group or forum.

The fact is that the Google algorithm, like other search engines, is constantly changing.

They not only require SEOer to diligently update regularly, but more than that, they need to practice continuously, even repeated every day.

To become an expert in Vietnam SEO, you have to start from the job of an SEO staff by practicing a lot, being patient.

In addition to practicing on the client’s website, create your own website and then carry out similar operations, such as: content creation, on-page optimization, off-page, backlink building, backlink commenting, etc.

Believe me, over time; these experiences will help you improve a lot in the process of doing SEO, maybe even becoming a real SEO expert.

Take risks

I dare say that any SEOer has had to taste the bitter taste of being penalized by Google algorithms.

I was no exception!

Some phobias I can name, like Panda, or Penguin, etc.

However, from those very times of punishment, I accumulated countless good experiences, forcing myself to become more seasoned.

On the contrary, if we have not been beheaded, we can blindly follow the instructions to reduce the risk.

That’s not to say I recommend violating Google’s guidelines. Instead, I just talked about taking the risk and learning how to overcome it.

Besides, if you want to get better with SEO, you also need to learn new methods and do not hesitate to apply them to the implementation process even though it may affect the effectiveness of the project.

If you don’t take risks, you’ll never learn anything interesting later, so don’t be afraid to try.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is essential in any profession. SEO is no exception.

In particular, having a wide range of contacts will come in handy in link building.

Imagine how beneficial it is for your website and brand to have friendships with well-known websites?

Người đàn ông Và Phụ Nữ Gần Bàn

In addition, from close relationships, it will be easier for you to ask for help and advice when you encounter any obstacles or difficulties at work.

The apparent fact is that experts in the Vietnamese SEO village or even around the world have a close relationship. It is the mindset of cooperation and development that helps them reach further in their work and contributes to building a solid SEO affiliate network.

Always Create and Learn

SEO generally revolves around content building, link building, on-page, off-page manipulation, etc. The difference lies in the way of execution and also the ability to be creative in ways to create an advantage over competitors.

SEO Expert need to Be creative

Creativity is a process of trial, error, adjustment, and continued experimentation until the perfect result. The truth is that being creative helps you get ahead of your competition quickly and effectively.

Interwoven in the creative process is learning from mistakes and trying to suggest the proper correction method.

To become a professional SEOer, you need to learn constantly from many different sources, be it from previous experts, friends, the SEO community on social networks, etc., as long as it suits yourself.

From a combination of learning and creativity, I believe that you will become an SEO expert soon or at least proficient in all matters related to SEO.

What is the required knowledge of an SEO expert?

Online Marketing

The essence of SEO is still doing Marketing, more specifically, Online Marketing with most of the implementation process being done online.

In other words, SEO is a part of Marketing 4.0 that helps promote the process of promoting products, services and business brands on the internet to users more effectively.

Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về chuyên nghiệp, công ty, Đàn ông

To become an SEO Expert, you need to be equipped with a thorough comprehensive online marketing knowledge source, including: Google adwords, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, website management, Viral Marketing, etc.

Besides, a little knowledge of business or foreign languages ​​also helps a lot in absorbing online marketing information.

Mastering these areas will help you perform SEO tasks more easily and conveniently.

9 Essential SEO Expert Skills


Analytical skills are considered the most important factor for an SEO professional. Specifically, it’s the ability to measure the success or failure rate of an SEO campaign.

First of all, SEO professionals are required to read and analyze the data they receive. From those analyses, proceed to apply to the business website to reap certain results.

Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về bàn, bán hàng, bàn phím ma thuật táo

SEO is a fact-based process; Therefore, SEO experts with strong analytical abilities will be more likely to succeed.

SEO Expert: Analytical Skills


SEO skills The second most important thing for an SEO professional after analysis is research.

Research for an SEO campaign usually starts with keywords and competitor website analysis, providing the necessary insights to create a strategic foundation for the campaign.

Next, the SEO expert needs to run an experiment to see how the tactic affects search rankings and user perception.

Above all, SEO professionals need to constantly monitor and update the changes from the Google algorithm by reading articles and paying attention to what Google is doing.

Dialectical thinking

In fact, every website has a different operating structure, and there are many factors in it that affect the ranking of the search engines.

The job of an SEO expert is to detect potential problems on your website from many angles and find effective ways to fix them.

Besides, you can also conduct research on competitors’ websites to find out their strengths and weaknesses in order to reasonably apply to the status of your website because users often tend to check the campaign compared to the competition.

Excel skills

Data collection alone is not enough for an SEO professional.

Sometimes, you need to know how to transform that data based on some operations in Excel, such as Vlookups, concatenate, IF function, etc., to derive the necessary insights.

During our time of operation, fortunately, we have learned how to create countless Excel templates that help quickly solve problems encountered on a daily basis. As a result, the implementation process becomes easier and more efficient.

Basic Programming Coding

Although SEO experts are not web designers, they also need to have a basic knowledge of web design and Meta tags.

In some cases, SEO staff also need to consult an expert on issues related to page load speed, server redirects, microdata tagging and basic HTML tags, etc.

All in all, SEO professionals don’t necessarily have to be able to code, but they should at least understand the coding implications of the changes they require from web developers, common mistakes, and how to fix them effectively. fruit.


Good communication is a highly valued skill in the SEO environment.

First, with colleagues, SEO experts need to communicate proactively and really connect with other team members.

With clients and partners, make sure you have the ability to explain complex concepts and standard SEO project processes to them.

Finally, SEO experts communicate with readers and users through standard SEO articles that are easy to read and grasp.

Writing skills

Content strategy accounts for 80% of the success of an SEO campaign. Therefore, to become a true SEO expert, you must practice professional writing skills.

Người Viết Trên Máy Tính Xách Tay Khi Cầm Cốc Cà Phê

First of all, SEO experts need to know how to choose the right keywords so that the article sounds attractive and pleasing to the ears.

If you are currently an SEO expert and desire to advance higher, you should learn through what SEO Manager training will include what skills an SEO Manager needs to have, to be prepared for your advancement.

Next, you should research and decide what to post on the web? How to meet the requirements of both Google and potential customers? How to increase the click-through rate as well as the ability to build links for the website?


In SEO, there is no such thing as right or wrong. A strategy that may work for one company may not work for another. Google changes its algorithm constantly.

Therefore, as an SEO expert, you need to know how to flexibly switch and adjust your strategy to suit your business at any given time.

However, it is also vital to ensure that the change does not negatively affect or slow down the project implementation.

Prioritize work

SEO experts need to understand the importance of each task to be fully arranged in order of priority, from difficult to easy.

For example, building backlinks is one of the most time-consuming and challenging parts of the SEO process. It is also one of the essential factors in determining rankings.

Therefore, you need to devote more time and attention to this process to ensure the effectiveness of the project.


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