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What is Online Marketing? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Are you investing in marketing, developing an online or internet marketing strategy for your business? Feeling confused and overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry; I will help you. Here’s a guide to the online marketing strategy you’re looking for. The Internet is a place where many opportunities are available to start a business or grow a business. And I will help you take advantage of these great opportunities.

If you do not know how to develop an effective online marketing strategy, you have missed out on the potential to have significant revenue. So please don’t waste time right now; let’s start building them right now.

First, let’s find out what Online Marketing is first!

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the marketing activities of a business or brand done on the Internet. You may have heard of some other terms like “internet marketing”, “online marketing”, or “digital marketing”.

Conversely, marketing activities of businesses that are not carried out on the Internet are called offline marketing. Currently, the implementation of offline marketing is mostly to direct users to online marketing. You should also note that online marketing has a much broader meaning than online advertising. Offline marketing too. Paid advertising is only a tiny part of an overall online marketing strategy.

So what is the difference between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing? See the article now: What is Digital Marketing? 10 effective forms of Digital Marketing every marketer knows!

Types of Online Marketing

This section will learn about the forms of Online Marketing that help you succeed in business.

Are you ready yet? Let’s start to find out together!

Types of Online Marketing:

1. Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is the process of attracting attention and sales through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Currently, Social Media Marketing is divided into two groups: organic (free) and paid.

Organic Social Media Marketing focuses on building a community and increasing relationships with consumers.

Here’s an example from Oberlo’s Twitter account:

 Social Media Marketing hình thức Marketing Online

Forms of Online Marketing with Social Media Marketing of Oberlo

Another way is to use Social Media Marketing to help you show respect and care for your customers and at the same time exploit the power of relationships with consumers in the most effective way.

Paid Social Media Marketing

You have many ways to use Paid Social Media Marketing to advertise your business.

Paid Social Media Marketing is a form of paid media that helps you reach customers at scale.

Types of advertising of Paid Social Media Marketing include advertising on social networks, mobile, Facebook ads …

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO-Search Engine Optimization)

This Online Marketing term has recently been known and learned by many people. In a nutshell…

Search Engine Optimization – also known as SEO – is the process of optimizing web pages and technical content to improve search engine rankings, thereby maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website. Body.

So how does SEO work?

Search engines use “crawler bots” to crawl the Internet and build an index of content available online.

Then, whenever someone searches for a keyword, the search engine tries to provide the most relevant and valuable results.

SEO comes in two forms: On-page and Off-page.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is when you optimize your website or content to rank higher for targeted keywords or phrases in search engines.

Examples of on-page SEO include:

  • Increase website speed
  • Have a responsive, mobile-optimized web design
  • Include your targeted keywords
  • Content structure with title tags
  • Optimized for Google Featured Snippets
  • Use structured data markup
  • Include internal links to other pages on your site
  • Add external links to other relevant websites
What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is when you optimize your website or content to appear higher in search results through methods outside of your website or content.

Much of the impact on Off-Page SEO is the creation of backlinks.

If multiple sites link to your site, then Google will assume you have valuable and relevant content.

In addition, the reliability of other websites that link to you also affects the top of the search.

For example, a link from a reputable site like the Wikipedia web will be more effective than 100 links from unknown locations.

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all stories are told, and people are often attracted to that story.

There are countless forms of content that businesses use to do this, such as:

Blog post

Video (often shared to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube)

Industry research and reports

Infographics summarize reports and studies

  • Ebook
  • Podcasts
  • Case study
  • Email
  • Seminar

This article you are reading is Content marketing!

The key to content marketing is giving before you get.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that uses Influencers (who have a relatively large online following) to send brand messages to the market.

An example from Influencer Marketing:

OPPO, a smartphone line, has used a brand ambassador campaign with many famous artists over the years.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing) is a form of online business, almost like a collaborator model.

With this form, you can find product distributors with affiliate programs, register and promote their products; you will get a commission.

For example, some Affiliate Marketing is famous in Vietnam.

Affiliate Marketing một hình thức Marketing Online

Affiliate Marketing is an affiliate of Marketing Online

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing uses email to send direct marketing messages to people to win new customers and retain existing ones.

While email marketing may not seem like the most attractive form of internet marketing, Email Marketing has an average return on investment of 122% – four times higher than other types of online marketing like Social Media. and Paid Search

So how does email marketing work?

Email marketing campaigns will often start with “Lead magnet”. After capturing email addresses, you can begin nurturing your email subscribers with helpful content, giveaways, discounts, early access to new products.

You can also increase sales by using email segments.

This is when you create distinct groups of subscribers (called online segments) based on their interests and the stage each subscriber is in in the buyer’s journey.

You can then create automated email campaigns for each segment.

7. Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is a form of Online Marketing where advertisers pay to show their ads on search engines and other online platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Paid advertising is now commonly referred to as pay-per-click” or “PPC”—meaning that advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks on one of their ads.

Many platforms charge advertisers in different ways depending on their Marketing KPIs such as:

Cost-per-thousand-impressions (“cost-per-mille” or “CPM” ): means you will be charged each time your ad has been viewed 1,000 times.

Cost-per-view (CPV): you will have to pay for each view your video receives.

Cost-per-action (CPA) (cost-per-acquisition): Meaning you will be charged each time a user takes a specific action or converts into a customer.

How does online marketing work?

For most businesses and brands, the goal of online marketing is the same as almost any other type of marketing or advertising.

The main goal of online marketing is to attract and maintain people’s attention.

Once you get someone’s attention, they will know you (Know). When they know you, the next step they will like you (Like). And after they want you, your own goals will make them trust you (Trust)

What is the Know – Like – Trust model that turns potential customers into buyers in Online Marketing?

This is called KLT (Know, Like, Trust – Know, Like and Trust). And it’s a recipe worked out over time to turn prospects into buyers.

The only difference is that online marketing is done in a virtual world instead of absolute.

How Online Marketing Happens

Instead of trying to get someone to come to your showroom, just try to get them to your website. A certain percentage of people come to the site web you will purchase. The main challenge is that you can’t talk to them while they’re reviewing the product. You don’t even know they’re there.

So how to build KLT when you can’t talk to people?

That’s why blogging and content marketing on Google is so popular these days. You can build KLT with your content. Or get customers to sign up for an email list and stay in touch with them over weeks, months, and years.

This is a popular way to build KLT. I will have a more in-depth article about this knowledge. All you need to know now is how to get people to visit your website and:

  • Buy your products or services.
  • Leave their email or information so that you continue to contact them in the future.

The above is a rough overview of how an online marketing strategy works.

What are the benefits of online marketing?

  • Online marketing is much cheaper than traditional forms of marketing and advertising.
  • You can easily find the market – target customers and contact them.
  • Easy to use
  • Use it to generate revenue and even run an entire business without having to have a physical office.
  • It is usually scaled up with a bit of hassle.

Although online marketing brings much great value, however, it also brings many obstacles. Strategies and tactics are constantly being changed. Today, technology is evolving rapidly, and it is challenging to keep up, especially when you are not familiar with them.

This is more evident in small businesses than in large companies. However, it is also quite common.

If you are in a similar situation but are not familiar with Online Marketing, don’t worry. Why don’t you let GTV be your in-house team?

GTV is here to give you an overview strategy and realize the goal of ensuring revenue for your business. Refer to GTV SEO’s Online Marketing Service today!

Other services of GTV: Email marketing service

What is the first step for an online marketing plan?

In your opinion, what is the first step for an online marketing plan? For most Vietnamese businesses, online marketing usually starts with a website. This is considered the company’s base, where transactions take place, where people contact you to buy products. Building a website is much easier these days.

However, it also hides many difficulties for beginners.

One common mistake people make is building their website as a product PR page instead of providing value to convert traffic.

Building a website is only a tiny first step in implementing an online marketing strategy. The real value lies in the amount of user traffic and its ability to convert that traffic into leads or buyers.

Another fairly common mistake is building on a closed-box platform that doesn’t scale. Website builders like Wix and Squarespace are popular because they promise to bring ease to the forum. However, they still have many disadvantages and limitations. In most cases, if you are building a serious online marketing strategy, you should make it on the WordPress platform.

If you read this far, you probably have a better idea of ​​an online marketing strategy. So what online marketing solutions should you know? Let’s explore the following 6 online marketing strategies!

6 effective online marketing strategies

It’s time for me to guide you through specific online marketing strategies. Before you begin, you must determine your goals for choosing an online marketing strategy and focus your efforts on that strategy. Start…

#1: Content marketing

One of the core online marketing solutions to drive traffic to a website is content marketing.

You need to create engaging, entertaining, and valuable content to capture the attention of your target market.

Content marketing is quite popular today because it is highly effective. Not only that, but it also helps to scale up, add value and most importantly, it’s free. The article you are reading is a way of content marketing.

Refer to the article: What is Content Marketing? 45 Content Marketing Trends That Are Like Distilled Water That Won’t Let You Down!


If you’re a business owner or an online marketer, what you need to do is figure out what type of content works best to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into leads and sales.

Next, I will show you some of the most popular and core strategies. This will help you understand and choose the right online marketing solution for you.

1.1 SEO and blogging (SEO)

Blogging is posting articles on the Internet. SEO Marketing Online is a method for the website’s articles and pages to rank in the search engine to attract more users.

3 essential steps for blogging & SEO strategy

  • Write and publish blog posts that appeal to your target audience in a variety of ways.
  • The target audience finds articles by searching for related topics or viewing articles on social media channels and on other websites.
  • The target audience gets much value from the article. From there, they decide whether they want to buy products from you or receive more advice from you (register email to receive more information, contact directly)

Read more how to write SEO content

Optimizing SEO and blogging is not easy.

However, it’s not that easy. It’s not as simple as sitting down to write an article and publish it on your website. To get started, you need to know exactly what topic to write about. You need to define what your target audience is looking for and how much traffic to get to do this.

This is where SEO comes into play.

Since your target market will use search engines like Google to find content, you need to ensure that people are searching for what you’re publishing.

You also need to write the best, highest quality content to attract users. The reason is that nowadays there is much content competing around the world and there are many websites created to compete and get people’s attention.

If you think this is a tough job, you’re right. However, if you do good blogging and SEO, you will find tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors to your website every month, especially since it’s free.

SEO is becoming a “hot” profession in the Marketing industry, especially Online Marketing. Typically, an SEO team with expertise in Vietnam is very scarce. Enterprise GTV SEO is still constantly looking for SEOer human resources to undertake professional website SEO service projects.

And also, for this reason, you should attend professional SEO training courses to be able to bring yourself results from this media channel. Or sign up for a 3-day free trial of the Entity Mastermind SEO Online course today!

Here are some proper online marketing channels for you. So what are online marketing channels?

1.2 What is PodCast?

Podcasts are like making your radio shows. However, instead of streaming live on the radio or the Internet, it is usually pre-recorded and published to a folder like iTunes or SoundCloud.

podcast là gì, podcast, các kênh marketing online, hướng dẫn marketing online là gì

9 popular podcast platforms in online marketing

Millions of users listen to podcasts, and most of them use mobile apps to subscribe to their favourite podcasts.

If your podcast is published in the iTunes directory, anyone can subscribe from anywhere in the world and listen to your content. In particular, the iTunes folder acts as a search engine. So if you have the right keywords, you can increase your conversion rate significantly. When you publish a new episode, the directory will be updated, and the latest episode will automatically be sent to all of your subscribers.

3 Basic Steps for a Podcasting Marketing Strategy

  • Start a podcast with a topic that appeals to the target audience.
  • Publish these files and promote the program to build a suitable subscriber base.
  • Use calls to action in your podcast to convert listeners into leads and buyers.

Podcasting is currently exploding in popularity because of its effectiveness in converting listeners into leads and buyers.

Creating a successful podcast will generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of downloads per month. That is a huge opportunity.

86% of podcast listeners listen to all or most of the episodes. On average, they listen to 5 shows per week. That proves that if your content is good, you can push your competitors away from potential customers.

Alternatively, there is another way to reach your target market without creating your podcast. You should join podcasts that are available with the audience you are looking for. And then, join them as guests.

However, you need a reason for the host to include you on their show. Having a book is the best way to get involved quickly. Because they certainly want you to bring value to their audience.

1.3 Youtube

Youtube is the largest video platform in the world on the Internet. It also acts as a search engine for hundreds of millions of people.

Anyone can start a Youtube channel, publish videos and attract subscribers. Like podcasting and the iTunes directory, YouTube acts as a search engine. So you can build and attract an audience directly through the platform without going through any other medium.

3 essential steps for online marketing strategy on Youtube

  • Start a Channel free on Youtube.
  • Publish high-quality videos that appeal to your target market and show them up in YouTube search.
  • Use a variety of ways to call to action, convert viewers into leads, and make sales.

What do you get from this platform? Youtube has an average of 1.5 billion monthly active users. They watch videos an average of over an hour a day (and that’s only on mobile).

Youtube viewers tend to be very loyal. If they like your content, they will subscribe and keep coming back to your channel repeatedly. That’s a great way to build KLT.

Another advantage of Youtube is the ability to live stream to your audience. When you go live, YouTube prioritizes your content and lets people know that you’re live. This can get you more noticed and allow you to attract the right audience.

Youtube SEO: 4 straightforward optimization steps to help increase Youtube video rankings 2020!

Next is a crucial online marketing tool that allows me to separate a separate section to discuss it. It’s the webinar.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an internet conference or pre-recorded presentation. It allows you to manage virtual meetings without meeting in person.

Knowledge training webinar is also an effective online marketing strategy

This sounds super tech; all you need is a webcam, microphone and essential Webinars software.

3 essential steps for webinar marketing strategy

  • Create a free class on a topic your target market is interested in and get them to sign up.
  • Teaching (usually 30-90 minutes).
  • Get close to your products by indirectly mentioning them

Many people have great success through online marketing tools with webinars and indirect selling. There are no sure and fast rules. You need to experiment with what works best for your audience.

It also depends on the product you are selling. If you have a software product, you can teach a concept that requires your software, and the audience will naturally see the power of the software and want to buy it.

If you sell an information product, you may need a more challenging strategy to get good results. It’s not uncommon for webinars to have sales in the tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds depending on audience size.

Some notes about webinars

Unless you already have an existing audience, chances are you have to pay to drive leads to your conference channel. Webinars have an online impression share of about 30%. To get 100 people live on your webinar, you need to have around 300 subscribers.

You don’t always get sales during a webinar. It can also come from the following days. What you need is a sound tracking system. There are different formats for the webinar. It would help if you experimented with many of them to see which forms, themes, and ways of delivering content work best for your audience.

Webinars tend to work better if they are combined well with email marketing. Another benefit of webinars is that you can create a so-called “evergreen webinar” if you do them well. You can even automate pre-conference emails and post-conference follow-up emails.

Once that’s done, you’ll be driving traffic to your webinar automatically and can make steady sales without any extra work.

#2: Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing channels. For many businesses, it’s the number one driver of online sales.

Email marketing is effective online because it gives you the ability to nurture leads over time. For many businesses, such as those that sell software or information products, the sales cycle is often long and requires significant KLT.

That means that you need to stay in touch with your potential customers for a long time. Email is the best online marketing tool to do this.

3 essential steps for email marketing

  • Create an account with an email service provider.
  • Build your email list and use email segmentation to reach the right customers.
  • Email your list with message content that engages them and nurtures them. Along with that is using calls to action to drive sales.

How is that effective? 80% of retail professionals indicate that online email marketing is the most effective way to retain their biggest customers. According to VentureBeat, email marketing generates an average of $38 in revenue for every $1 spent.

Of all the marketing strategies, email marketing is my number one choice. It’s something you must do if you don’t want to leave money on the table.

#3: Social media (organic)

Concluding the content and email marketing section, I’ll take you to social marketing.

Technically you can do content marketing on social media. But beyond that, social media has many more benefits than that.

Statistics on the percentage of users on social media marketing channels

You need to keep in mind that each social media platform has a different audience, so they require a unique strategy.

3 basic steps for an effective online marketing model

  • Establish your presence on social media platforms where the target market is located.
  • Capture the audience’s attention in many ways, such as entertainment, helpful content, etc.
  • Create comments directly to your audience, capture them and add them to email lists. Thereby generating indirect revenue from brand building.

The secret to success through social media is to first think like a user, then feel like a marketer.

Some disadvantages of social media

One of the downsides of social media is that most platforms other than Pinterest aren’t built to be search engines. Therefore, content on social media has a concise life cycle.

For example, when you create a post on Facebook, you can get 72 hours of engagement for the post before it disappears.

This is in stark contrast to blogging, where articles can rank and attract thousands of visitors over the years.

Another downside of social media is building your strategy on a platform you don’t own. This is always a potential problem, as these platforms can limit your ability to reach users or even charge you if you want to get them.

This happens on a lot of social media channels, with Facebook being the most popular. Despite many disadvantages, social media still brings much effectiveness as an online marketing channel.

Here is a rough overview of some of the most popular social media channels today:


Facebook users are 53% female and 47%, male. 87% of users are between the ages of 18 and 29. It is one of the most dynamic and flexible platforms in terms of content and interacting with people. It is also the largest and most popular social platform today.

Personal profiles and Facebook groups are efficient aspects of this platform (in addition to Facebook ads, which I will cover later).

Facebook Marketing – 6 Core factors to success from A–Z!


Instagram is used by 31% of American women and 24% of men. 59% of users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and 33% of users are between 30 and 49. The platform is primarily focused on photos and videos and the ability to create public posts, live videos, and messaging private messages.


The social network Twitter has 37% of users aged between 18 and 29 and 25% of users between 30 and 49. 24% of users are male, and 21% of users are female.


LinkedIn has expanded their platform in recent years and is now a powerful channel for effective online marketing if you want to reach businesses and employees. 28% of LinkedIn users are male, and 27% are female.

According to research, 44% of Linkedin users earn more than $75,000 per year. Linkedin now has a “wall” and a “feed” similar to how Facebook works. There are also groups for you to join and post as a robust private messaging system.


This is not a traditional social media platform. Instead of interacting 100% online, Meetup.com facilitates your offline interaction by allowing you to create local groups. I still consider Meetup as one of the effective online marketing channels because most of the organization and recruitment takes place online.

All of the above statistics are provided by Omnicore Agency.

#4: Paid Online Advertising

Paid Online Advertising is a traditional form of online marketing. Instead of finding traffic, leads, and sales through conventional content marketing and social media methods, you can simply buy traffic.

Russell Brunson, an excellent online marketer, has repeatedly pointed out that businesses can spend a lot to acquire a customer. He built a substantial multi-million dollar empire briefly, mainly through paid advertising channels (with zero venture capital).

My mistake was when I started asking, “What do I have to spend to get the least amount of advertising money?”

I should have asked myself, “What can I spend the most on advertising?”

Russell Brunson

The reason is that marketers are willing to invest in getting customers even if they lose money on the first sale (it gives lifetime value).

Four basic steps for effective Paid Online Advertising

  • Identify where your target audience usually spends time online
  • Pay to appear in front of them
  • Build a relevant offer to generate sales, leads or brand awareness.

Remember that building a paid advertising funnel is much more difficult as you think. Not only does it take a long time to test, but it also takes a decent amount of money to set up and scale. However, if you have the money and accept the risk, you should pursue this online marketing strategy.

Here are the most effective types of online marketing that you should experiment with.

1. PPC Advertising

I talked earlier about content marketing and SEO to get a high position in search engines like Google.

Well, if you have money, you just buy good positions.

PPC stands for “pay per click”. You buy an ad placement based on keywords and pay each time someone clicks on a specific page you want them to visit. You can buy PPC ads on most major search engines like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Facebook is a trendy place to run PPC ads because of Facebook’s very advanced targeting options and ad types.

2. Social media advertising

If you’re working to grow your social media audience, you can use paid social media advertising to grow your followers online.

For example, you can run ads to get more subscribers on Youtube.

In the old days, people would pay to appear on Facebook and build their Facebook page followers. However, I don’t recommend doing this as it can reduce the organic reach of the pages.

You can use this approach if all you care about is your brand image. It won’t have any other purpose.

3. Retargeting advertising

One of the most effective and most accessible forms of advertising to start is retargeting advertising, also known as remarketing.

Facebook and Google are the two most popular platforms for retargeting advertising. This advertising method allows you to re-display specific ad content to people who have visited your website.

You can even run ads only to people who have visited a specific page on your web.

Suppose you’ve ever visited a big site like Victoria’s Secret or something. Then their ads start following you on the Internet (on news sites, Facebook, …), then you’ve seen the retargeting works.

Re-targeting is as simple as placing a single line of code on your website, setting up some custom audiences, creating ads, and setting your budget.

You can retarget for as little as $5/day, and it’s highly effective because you’re running ads to a better audience – people who are at least once interested in your brand.

4. Sponsored Podcasts

I’ve told you about how to use podcasts effectively in building KLT, and I also recommend that you, if possible, guest-star on specific podcasts in your niche if you don’t want to start with one. Own podcasts.

However, that is not the only option. Most of the major podcasts on the market have sponsorships that you can spend money on.

They will make an advertisement to bring your product or service to their audience as a proposition.

It is one of the highly effective forms of online marketing because the essence of podcasters is that their audience is organized and nurtured.

Another thing that I recommend using this method is that instead of calling your audience to your website, have them text a code to the company’s phone number to receive the offer details. The reason is that most users listen to podcasts on their phones and the go.

So this way is not only convenient, but you also get their phone number, email. Then you can use SMS marketing, email marketing to track until the sale.

5. Influencer Advertising

We live in an age of online technology. This is an era where anyone can build a massive following on social media or the Internet in general.

If these people tell their audience to buy something, their audience will buy it. If they tell their audience to follow someone, their audience will follow that person.

Of course, that’s not 100% true, but they do have much influence. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that influencers sell their power to marketers. You can pay some influencers for them to mention your product or brand, thereby generating sales.

The two most influential platforms today are Instagram and Youtube.

Influencers with a large number of followers are often very expensive. However, you can pay people with fewer followers but still impact specific audiences for a low price. Sometimes you just need to offer them free products in exchange for their mentions.

#5: Joint Venture

Although paying influencers is an excellent idea to promote you and generate sales. However, besides that, you also g can build relationships with them to open the door to cooperation.

The goal here is to borrow the audience of others to develop your brand and generate sales.

Why build a large audience in the first place without borrowing them from someone else? That’s the power of ventures – Kevin Michael Geary.

3 essential steps for joint venture strategy

  • Connect with influencers to build meaningful relationships
  • Co-create a product or piece of content (webinar, tutorial, etc.)
  • Co-promoting what you’ve created (primarily via email, social media, but also paid ads, …)

A joint venture can be one of the fastest ways to grow and scale.

If you have an audience of 50k and partner with someone with an audience of 100k or 150k, you will see huge profits in your followers and much more sales.

However, famous influencers will not want to cooperate if you are not. It doesn’t make much economic sense to them (unless they like you).

If you have 1000 followers, find someone with 3000 – 5000 followers and partner with them.

Similarly, if you have 5000 followers, look for people with 10,000 or 15,000 followers.

Every time you do this campaign, you will gain many followers on your project.

Tip: Creating a podcast is a great way to connect with influencers. Start by getting them on your shows and introducing them to your audience, then build a relationship.

1. Leverage Affiliates

One of the popular ways of the joint venture model is affiliate marketing. It gives you a percentage of sales to promote the product.

For regular products, the commission is usually less than 20%.

For digital products, the commission is rarely lower than 25% and even up to 100%. Many people offer 100% commission on certain products. Because they just want leads to drive sales.

It’s easy to create an affiliate program, but it’s not always easy to run. Finding the right affiliates is difficult and takes much time, and requires specific expertise.

However, if you create a successful affiliate program, you will bring your product and brand to other people’s audiences as they work to promote you and earn commissions.

2. Contest Marketing

Another part of the venture is contested marketing – reach out and take the lead by launching an online contest.

While you can run contests on your own, it will be much more successful if you partner with influencers. You give away your gifts, give away products from other brands, or a combination of the two.

If you can create a successful contest, then other brands will often contribute so they can enter. Then not only your audience but their audience also watch the show and give you a big boost.

I ran contests to build a social media site, grow an email list, collect, analyze, and rank podcast reviews and get results.

#6: Mobile App Marketing

I am also frank and let you know that I have no experience in online marketing in the mobile app field.

However, I understand the basic strategy with it. At the same time, I also realized that mobile app marketing is one of the top effective online marketing methods in 2020.

Google, iTunes, Pinterest and YouTube, Apple App Store and Google Play Store are search engines. If you create an app relevant to your business, users are likely to find it.

If your app is super helpful or highly entertaining, people will talk about it and go viral.

You can blog about your application. Sometimes you’re invited to talk about apps on podcasts and use them for ventures.

It’s not just marketing. That application can be a direct source of revenue for the business. Even a free app has the potential to generate tons of income with ads or in-app purchases. It’s an add-on or an upgrade to the paid versions inside the app.

3 essential steps for Mobile App Marketing strategy

  • Plan, design, and develop an app that will be useful in your market (usually with a free in-app purchase)
  • Get your app accepted into the App Store or Google Play Store and start bringing in new users.
  • Use apps to gain exposure through various marketing channels and drive revenue from direct in-app purchases

The two downsides of this mobile marketing app strategy are that it is costly and difficult to find a quality developer you can trust.

Before you start, you should check out the other available apps and do a lot of market research to ensure your idea is valuable.

Use online marketing tools line.

There are many tools to assist you in implementing your online marketing, depending on your marketing channels.

Each type of online marketing tool will give you a lot of different options.

Example: You need to find an email marketing service provider to implement this method properly. However, they all have different features, options, and prices, so which one should you choose?

You should seek advice from those who have gone before to make the most informed decision.

How to build online marketing

Currently, there are many online marketing templates that, in my opinion, it is too cumbersome. In my opinion, the best way to do this is:

Know what all your options are – market survey

Get advice from someone who truly understands your business and goals to get you on the right track instead of wasting too much time and money.


Above is an overview of what online marketing is. It helps you have an overview of everything to self-study online marketing. However, many of you will feel overwhelmed by this.

Hopefully, you understand exactly what online marketing concepts are and the 5 benefits online marketing brings to your business through this article. And more importantly, you can apply 6 effective online marketing strategies to your marketing campaign.

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section. However, I am not an expert in teaching online marketing the best in the industry. But with my online marketing knowledge, I will help you answer it.

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Good luck!

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