What is Entity? Entity Building newest SEO trends in 2021

    The Entity has been around since 2013. However, this is still a new concept for the brothers in the industry in Vietnam. Not everyone can fully understand what Entity is and develop the system in the right way.

   I encountered many difficulties when learning about Entity. I have to learn from experts, SEOer with long experience in the industry all over the world.

    After that, I have to continuously test on projects, case studies and many different ways. Finally, somewhat confident in what I know about Entity.

Entity – The Future of SEO

     Based on the knowledge I have accumulated over the past half a year and the testing efforts with the technical team. Right now, I will give you an exact concept of what Entity is. Along with many other useful related information on how to do Entity Building.

    First of all, we learn about 3 essential SEO concepts Marketing contributes to the build Entity Building system. Includes: Semantic Web, Metaweb and Google Knowledge Graph.

Semantic Web

    The Semantic Web is also known as web 3.0. The Website uses artificial intelligence to simulate language understanding and information processing. It was created in 2006 by Tim Berners-Lee . And based on the World Wide Web platform  and Linked Data algorithm.

     For example, when you enter the keyword “Hera”, Google shows you various results, such as: Kieu Anh Hera, Hera company, nickname Hera, .. In general, the word “Hera” has too many meanings. Google and the search engine in general don’t understand exactly what you mean.

=> Semantic Web was born to help us solve the above problems.

Leverage elements from the Semantic Web. Entity Building technique will help Google have a database on the field of SEO. Turn your business into a real and big brand in Google. Along with that, it helps Google understand the Content of your Website.

Semantic Web in Entity


metaweb google, Nhận thức khoa học

     Metaweb is a database development company based on Semantic Web – An open database and knowledge sharing of the world. In 2010, Google acquired and merged Metaweb into its search engine. To make a working foundation for the Google Knowledge Graph & Hummingbird Algorithm.

Google has applied Metaweb to search engine

    Google Knowledge Graph

    The Knowledge Graph or Google Knowledge Graph is simply a database that collects billions of data about the keywords that users search on the Internet every day and the meaning behind those keywords.

    With the knowledge map, Google can connect events, things, people, and places together. From there, the search results are precisely interconnected and closely related.

    From the core foundations of the three concepts above. It can be understood that implementing Entity includes the work to build an entity for the Website; Authenticate tells Google that your business is a reputable entity.

So what exactly is Entity?

What is Entity?

    Entity is an entity that converges all four elements: single, unique, identifiable and distinguishable. It can be an individual, thing, event, place, adjective, … Entity Building is always considered as one of the important factors determining the ranking of the Website on the search engines.

    What is Entity?

   Specifically, what is Entity in Onpage SEO helps describe the data in detail. And it simplifies information so that Google can easily understand your Website. From there, it is easy to help you build a unique and prestigious brand in the eyes of Google.

   What is Entity in NLP?

Entity in NLP, Giao tiếp

Entity is a word or phrase that represents an identified and classified object. Examples of objects are people, consumables, events, numbers, organizations, etc. NLP’s job is to select and evaluate entities from your Content.

Các danh mục trong bản demo API của Google, Dữ liệu máy tính

Because Google distinguishes what Entity entities are, the search engine uses the information obtained. Aim to satisfy users and provide better search results.

     Entities in Google API Demo

There are two additional critical metrics – audience and category.

  Regarding the classification, there is not much to explain. Thanks to NLP, Google can assign content to a corresponding category. For example, Internet & Telecom, Mobile & Wireless, in the following example.

    Categories in Google API demo

Ranking search results based on Entity metrics

In 2015 Google announced the ranking of search results based on Entity metrics. According to the publication, what is Entity’s search ranking based on the following factors:

Relatedness: Determined based on many Entity Buildings on Website

Contribution: Contribution is determined by external signals – This can basically be a measure of an entity.

Prizes: Exact Prize Metric – A measure of the various related awards an entity has received.

For example: Nobel Prize, Oscar, etc. And of course, the bigger the prize, the value associated with sub ject is higher. When all are linked and searched, the process will be started with the user making a query for information about a certain subject.

Then Google goes through the process in this order:

Find the relation of other Entities and give a value

Notice to users what Entities are and give a value

The contribution figures of these Entities and for the value

Any award of this Enity and give a value

Weights based on query type

After the Entity Building validation results, Google will provide information on the SERP.

For example: Search for Obama

Entity Obama trên SERP, Các khái niệm trong siêu hình học

Google will provide Obama information on SERP.

I have applied the Entity Building trick in many of my projects. Then realize it brings a huge effect to the SEO process. So how important is SEO Entity? I will share it with you right here!

Great opportunity and potential from Entity Building

The efficiency of Entity Building

      If you are an SEOer, you will know the great benefits of being the first to apply new and unique tactics. And also for Entity, you will get the prominence because this is the technique

      Few people know even though it was announced 5 years ago

     The overall keyword boosting power on the entire website especially with the URL implemented Entity Building.

     Deployment time is less, but the effect is faster (15-45 days) than the conventional Link method.

Build trust with Google across the Domain. To avoid penalties from Google and the case where the Website is played by opponents (dirty links).

Help Website can recover quickly in case of Manual Review. Besides, the ranking position after receiving the “full” penalty from Google.

Read more: General knowledge of Entity Building 2021

     Entity Building creation process

During the testing process, we have completed the basic Entity Building system consisting of 6 steps.

+ Using Social Property Linking systems: Using reputable social networking sites in the world to build the company’s brand. Or the product I want to SEO and link those Social Networks together to validate my credibility with Google is a real business.

+ Using Google Interlink systems: Connecting Google resources and Web 2.0s into a unified model that helps validate Entity. Besides, it supports the Google Bot to recognize the uniform brand name on the Internet easily.

+ Using Google Maps services: Optimize and improve Google Maps rankings according to My Entity Building standards.

+ Use Content Writing techniques (Semantic & Thematic): Create engaging Content by the client’s brand development strategy. The optimization of the article content accompanied me according to my own standards.

+ Social Entity Review: Use Review products on products and services that have been optimized for SEO. Thereby ensuring increased Trust for your brand in the eyes of Google and users.

+ Social Guide: Use reputable review tools to validate the brand geographically. To increase trust and at the same time improve keyword rankings quickly.

How to create Semantic Content in Entity, optimize Hummingbird & Rank Brain algorithms

The concept of Semantic Content

     Semantic Content has long been a topic of interest to many SEO professionals around the world. In particular, Semantic Keyword is essential for the Onpage SEO process. More specifically, if you have a Semantic Keyword in the article, then Google will better understand that article. In other words, Semantic Keyword increases Google’s trust in the article.

Purpose of Semantic Content

entities là gì, Thông tin

The purpose of using Semantic Content includes the following main purposes:

Optimized for Hummingbird and RankBrain algorithms. Along with Content & Links. RankBrain is one of the 3 most important factors in search results ranking.

Building relationships by topic for Website. Help Google quickly identify the topic of the Website..

Currently, there are few or very few Websites currently implemented, especially in Vietnam, which is even rarer. Therefore when implementing a Semantic Content Website, you become prominent in the eyes of Google. You are confident to let your Website speak to attract Google bugs quickly!

Introduction to Hummingbird Algorithm and Rank Brain

Hummingbird algorithm

enity, Truy xuất thông tin

Launched in 2013 to help Google better understand the meaning behind the words that users search online. From 2013-2015, Google has not promoted this algorithm. By 2016, RankBrain was born with the role of supporting Hummingbird. Thereby strongly influencing the search results rankings and promoting each other’s effectiveness.

Rank Brain Algorithm

Khoa học thông tin, entitiy

Rank Brain is the name of an AI system that helps analyze results to the top of Google. (use a lot of Content analysis better to understand the meaning and value of the article)

RankBrain was born to help analyze results to Top Google with the following tasks:

Understand the meaning of user queries

Measuring user satisfaction with search results

I take an example from the blog post “How to get high in Google ranking” (how to to rank high on Google) by Brian Dean. To help you better understand how Rank Brain works.

     The article “How to get high in Google ranking” initially went to the top when users searched for the keyword “How to get high” (how to create excitement). But after a few weeks, it disappeared from the top 100 because at first Google guessed that “How to get high in ranking Google” had the same meaning as “How to get high”.

     But then 1, 2 weeks of measuring user behavior when returning the above results. At that time, it began to connect information and data inside and outside the Website, thereby better understanding the content. Rank Brain understood that the two phrases had two different meanings, so they let “How to get high in ranking Google” fly out of the top 100.

  How to optimize the RankBrain algorithm?

The most common way to optimize Semantic Content is to start optimizing by Topic instead of a specific keyword for Content. That is, you must create Semantic Content, including many Semantic Keywords.

     In addition to optimizing so that you can insert the title keyword or the URL containing the main keyword into the Heading tag also in your article, what else will you do?

    When Google analyzes the entire Content on your Website, it will pick up every word inside your article. Then connect those words together to create the Content of the article you are writing.

     Suppose your article is optimized only by inserting the keyword “diet plan”. In that case, it will not be as effective as the article including the words “vegetarian”, “weight loss”, “exercise plan”, “diet recipe”,… Thus, Google will connect these words to determine what field you are talking about?

     Just like that, the article is no longer a keyword stuffing, but an optimization according to Semantic Keyword (semantic keywords).

   Preparation steps to create Semantic Content

Note: We do not teach you how to write great Content, but we will share effective content optimization techniques with you.


In this article, I believe I have brought you the necessary knowledge about Entity, including Concepts, efficiency, and the core foundations of Entity Building. Besides, how to implement Entity through Semantic Content, Humming Bird algorithm, and Rank Brain algorithm. Along with tools Ahrefs and Textrazor are also presented in detail.

In addition, I also share about the case study PBN seedsite Stream hub that you can watch and research to understand more about seedsite.

Hopefully, after reading the article, you will understand better what Entity is to deploy the technique correctly on the Website yourself. Remember that not everyone knows about Entity and more than 90% of websites in the world do not implement this technique correctly. So, if the remaining 10% understand and implement it properly, don’t you already have a huge advantage?

Good luck!


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