What is Addon Domain? A simple way to create an Addon Domain

The following article will help you get the best answers to questions about what a Subdomain, Parked Domain and Addon Domain is and how to use Addon Domain?

What is Addon Domain? Instructions on how to create Addon Domain quickly.

Do you know what Domain Name is yet? Learn about domain names (Domain) before reading this article!

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What is Addon Domain?

Addon Domain is a new domain located in the same domain as the primary domain but with a different hosting directory. Addon Domain has full functions as the primary domain name; it allows businesses to run many other websites on shared hosting.

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What is Addon Domain?

The Addon domain or Addon domain is viewed as a second sub-Web site with its different content. To use this type of domain name, you must register a new domain name before using it.

So this is the solution for you if you want to host www.otherdomain.com.

How Domain Addon Works

Once the Domain Addon is set up, 3 URLs will be generated that can be used to access the new directory:





The new folder can then be used for a whole new set of files. You don’t have to worry, as it won’t impact the primary domain name. Anyone accessing the Addon Domain doesn’t know it’s an additional domain. It will act as a standalone Website and Domain.

What are the advantages of Domain Addon?

Domain ownership: The business has full ownership. Have the right to use them independently, regardless of the primary or secondary domain.

Ideal storage space: Allows ample capacity storage. Users will manipulate and store data quickly with many different data types without worrying about a lack of space.

User-friendly interface: Addon Domain’s interface is easy on the eyes. It brings a friendly and precise feel, making it easy for businesses to operate. Easy management with just one control panel: Businesses can manage documents or access FTP protocols with just one control panel.

How do you create or remove Addon domains?

What is the meaning of the Addon Domain?

An Addon domain is a subdomain hosted on a cPanel account. Addon domains usually have their separate Web site.


cPanel will allow you to create an Addon Domain if…

You do not own (register) the domain name.

Or if your hostname (DNS) is not widely available.

However, the domain name will not be active until it is registered and directed to the server where the content of your business Web site is set up.

New domains can be registered for this purpose by visiting https://register.hostgator.com.

WHM users will not be able to create Addon domains in your cPanels unless you install “Max Addon Domain” more than 0 in your WHM packages.

You must also set the Subdomains (subdomains) to a number equal to (or greater than) the number of Addon domains you want to allow.

Instructions on how to create a standard Addon Domain

With Domain Addon, you can host many different domains with different content. All have the same capacity (Disk Space) and capacity (Bandwidth) of a cPanel.

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Where to save domains and different content on cPanel

3 Specific cases to create an Addon Domain that you need to know

Log in to your cPanel and click on Addon Domains under Domains.

There are three cases where cPanel will ask when creating an Addon domain:

New domain: Enter the new domain name, but do not put http or www in the title.

Username/folder/subdomain: This is created by cPanel and is usually located in the public_html folder. However, you can own directories created outside of public_html.

Note that: Moving a directory outside the public_html content can be moved to the original document elsewhere.

cPanel will automatically suggest a name for the folder based on the domain name.

You’ll want to make sure that the name you provide doesn’t exist as a directory.

Password: Enter any password you want here.

This password is used for the FTP account, which cPanel automatically generates.

(You will probably never need this password. So we recommend choosing a random password and forgetting about it.)

And your new Addon Domain is now successfully added.

You can upload website files to the specific Addon folder that has been created in the public_html folder.

Direct the Domain Addon to a specific directory and exist

Sometimes you have content uploaded to a particular folder on your account. Or you want the content to be in a different folder than the default.

In that case:

You will specify the exact folder under “Username/Folder/Subdomain” in the tutorial above instead of the directory it suggests.

  • If the directory does not exist, it will create a guide for you.
  • If the directory already exists, it may warn that the username/folder/subdomain already exists.

But in this case, you n intentionally entered an already existing name.

So, you can safely ignore this warning since you intend to direct the Addon Domains to an already existing directory.

Details how to remove Unnecessary Domain Addon

To delete an Addon domain, do the following:

  • Log in to your cPanel and click on Addon Domains.
  • At the bottom, under Actions, click Delete.

Deleting the Addon domain only removes the domain from the server and DNS configuration.

Your files and databases are not deleted or affected when you delete the Domain Addon.

(The fact that you can no longer access the affected files through that domain).


Hope the article has provided you with the necessary and quality information about an Addon Domain concept or how to create an Addon Domain quickly that you are looking for.

Good luck!

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