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SEO skills: Top 11 essential skills that SEOer should know

Hello! Today I will talk about a topic for newbies to SEO!

Want to become a professional SEOer? Do you want to break through the journey of building rankings for your website or your customers? But you are a newbie; you are still not equipped or do not know how to equip basic SEO skills?

In this article, I want to share to grasp some essential foundational skills to start becoming an SEOer. Follow us now!

trang bị kỹ năng seo web tốt phục vụ công việc và kinh doanh

To become an SEOer, you need to equip some essential skills

Critical thinking skills

Why does being an SEOer require critical thinking? Because SEO people need to give their views and perspectives on the business’s implemented SEO strategy.

Critical thinking also determines whether the person understands the mistakes, shortcomings, or advantages of a competitor’s SEO campaign. Critical thinking helps SEOs be more sensitive to arguments, multi-dimensional analysis of an opinion to draw the most optimal SEO solution for businesses.

If you want to enter this industry, keep honing your critical thinking SEO skills!

kỹ năng seo tư duy phản biện

Critical thinking helps SEOer to be sensitive to different perspectives when implementing SEO

Planning skills, work arrangement, time

You know, an SEOer in a day has to face many different tasks and have to work with a lot of people from other departments. From keyword analysis, website analysis, outline, content analysis, feedback to support your content, you design.

Because the workload is so much, it won’t be easy to work if you do not have the skills to plan and arrange the work. You will quickly fall into a state of confusion, not knowing what to do first, from which it is easy to get bored and give up.

An SEOer needs to determine the priority, what needs to be completed first, what work can be handled later. SEO also needs to plan, manage time well, and estimate future periods to achieve the results as planned.

This SEO skill is essential, making it easier, faster, and more logical when implementing SEO strategies. Business owners will appreciate an SEOer with planning skills like that.

ky nang seo lập kế hoạch, quản lý thời gian

An SEOer needs to know how to plan and manage time effectively

In-depth research

SEO knowledge is like an iceberg; besides the superficial knowledge that everyone seems to know, it also contains in-depth knowledge that requires SEO people to research, explore and learn regularly.

If only based on basic knowledge of SEO, it is not enough for an SEOer to boost the ranking of a business’ website, especially when the competition on SEO is becoming very fierce.

An SEOer who is well-trained in SEO, constantly diligently researching, learning, always striving to hone the knowledge that he does not know will have a very high chance of success in this field. When you have equipped yourself with a solid knowledge base, it will help you be more respected. You also easily implement strategies for your SEO plan quickly, securely and most effectively.

kỹ năng seo web nghiên cứu tối ưu hóa công cụ tìm kiếm chuyên sâu

An SEOer must always work hard to study in-depth knowledge

Analytical and reporting skills

The following basic SEO skill that a novice SEOer needs to equip is analysis and reporting skills. Because SEO has a significant influence on the development of a business, business owners always want to know about their company’s SEO strategy, so in meetings, SEOs must present, analyze, Reports to help business owners understand the strategy you implement.

In addition, this is a skill you need to have when working with your team, helping them clearly understand what you want in the SEO process.

This skill helps to enhance your professionalism more at work. Bosses will always question each task you propose, and you need to clarify it, assisting the boss in understanding why you do it.

Kỹ năng phân tích báo cáo

SEO must be able to present, analyze, and report to help business owners clearly understand the strategy you implement

Teamwork skills

As an SEOer, you will have to work with many people, from content guys, designers, admins, coders, with superiors and with other SEOers. Therefore, teamwork skills are indispensable factors.

Build a good relationship with the members of your work team; this will make it easier for you to discuss and discuss work with everyone.

Also, be active in supporting and helping other members of your team. This is how you both build a better relationship with your colleagues and contribute to the project’s success.

kỹ nang seo làm việc theo nhóm hiệu quả

Build a rapport with your team members

Ability to make decisions

When doing SEO, you may be faced with many options, a lot of different questions, so it requires you to be decisive and then make the best decisions.

Especially when the SEO process is never consistent, you will always have to face changes from Google. To best respond, you will be able to orientate the directions and adapt solutions quickly and effectively.

Your assertiveness will also help other related departments carry out their work more smoothly and complete on time.

However, to acquire this skill, as mentioned above, you must understand the knowledge of SEO thoroughly, have to do a lot to gain a lot of experience from which to have a quick response. This is also sincere advice for those who do SEO and want to become an SEO experts. You should put more emphasis on learning, working for experience rather than just for the salary.

One of the significant shortcomings of SEOer is being too vague, bewildered to know which direction to follow—making projects stagnant and inefficient.

This is also a critical SEO skill if you want to advance in a job like SEO Leader, SEO Specialist.

kỹ năng seo marketing

The ability to make decisions is an essential skill if you want to advance in your career

Flexibly adapt to changes

Google updates, new SEO trends, outdated SEO trends that need to be removed are things that you need to adapt quickly. If you do not adapt quickly, you can cause your business to fall behind, and your competitors will soon overtake you. On the contrary, quick adaptation and timely deployment will promote strong growth, help enterprises further, and build a sustainable position.

For example, in the current time of covid 19, if you adapt in time, develop SEO strategies suitable for the current situation quickly will help your website get substantial advantages in this period.

In addition, adapting to changes is also reflected in your flexibility with SEO strategies. You know, an SEO strategy for each business, each field will continually change. You cannot use a single strategy to apply to all projects. Therefore, an SEOer must ensure flexibility in changing his strategy to best suit each audience.

kỹ năng seo cơ bản

Adaptability to changes also shows in your flexibility with SEO strategies

Content writing skills

Many of you who do SEO still complain to me that you don’t like to write, and are often quite tired and take a long time with this job. But this is a very necessary skill for you, practice it.

Content is the factor for you to reach customers. The more in-depth, high-quality content, fully meeting SEO criteria, is the bridge for customers to find more businesses. It is also the criteria that Google will base on that and score your website.

So no matter what, assure me that you have to try to improve your writing skills, or at least you have to understand some of the factors and criteria to build authoritative content. SEO, not to mention it has to be good!

Talk a bit of writing SEO content: In fact, writing SEO articles is an art, requiring many skills, not simply writing something and then inserting keywords randomly is done as many people still think.

In addition, when you acquire this SEO skill, it will be easier for you to work with other content friends, more accessible to bring up errors of the article in content audits.

Kỹ năng sáng tạo nội dung, kiểm tra nội dung

Writing skills are extremely important to the success of an SEO strategy

Basic web programming skills

When reading the article, I guess you are probably thinking: Why does an SEOer have to know so many things? That’s precisely how you are! To become an SEOer, and want to become more professional and excellent, you have to learn and hone many skills.

Returning to this item number 9, an SEOer also needs basic programming skills, specifically website programming. You need to be knowledgeable about website design, HTML source code, code meta tags. Because these factors have more or less influence on your SEO results.

A standard website has a good design in terms of interface and has to ensure SEO standards. An SEOer who knows the elements of website coding will be easier to detect SEO errors of the website and easier to work with the programming department.

kỹ năng lập trình web

An SEOer also needs to have basic programming skills, specifically website programming

Communication skills to work with colleagues and customers

I also mentioned above that an SEOer has to work with quite a few different people. Therefore, you need to have communication skills and impart knowledge to colleagues, superiors, and especially your customers (when you do SEO at agencies or Freelancers).

Customers sometimes will not be able to understand all issues related to SEO, so you need to have a way to communicate and exchange so that customers really understand what you will do for their company. If you communicate well, the chances of you getting the project will be much higher.

In addition, it is also easier for you to communicate with customers during your project implementation when problems and questions arise from customers.

kỹ năng giao tiếp để trở thành một chuyên gia SEO

You need to have communication skills, impart knowledge to colleagues, superiors and especially to customers

English listening and reading skills

Resources on SEO are very diverse and rich, not only Vietnamese documents but also English documents. Most of the good, in-depth materials will be presented mainly in English. Most specialized books are also written in English.

Mastering English a bit will make it easier for you to search for information on Google, because all SEO technical terms are in English.

At the same time, the tools you use in SEO also mostly use the English language, so knowing English will make it much easier to use the analytical tools.

In addition, you can also participate in SEO seminars when the speakers are foreigners or they use English to share.

kỹ năng đọc hiểu tiếng anh

Equip more English skills to have more opportunities to learn and improve SEO knowledge


Thus, I have just shared the top 11 basic SEO skills to become an SEOer that newcomers to this field should learn and equip themselves. In the process of working, you will still have to learn and acquire more knowledge. Believe that with passion, perseverance and hard work, you will become a most comprehensive SEO expert day by day. Good luck!

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