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SEO Advertising and SEO Google Adwords: Which campaign should be implemented?

In the past few years, there has been a lot of controversy and conflicting opinions about Google SEO advertising and Google Adwords SEO advertising. In general, both of these forms are effective for traders. If you know how to take advantage of them depending on your situation and business goals.

So what is the difference between SEO and Google Ads? Which strategy should your business use? Stay tuned for the post!

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What is SEO Advertising?

Search engine optimization – Search engine optimization (SEO) – is a method of optimizing a website to push the website’s rankings to the highest possible. The page can appear at the top when users search for items. Related keywords.

What is SEO Advertising?

Simply put, SEO (also known as SEO or Google SEO advertising) helps your website or Blog page appear on the top of Google results when users query.

If Google identifies your site as the best result for users, they will appear at the top of the page. SEOs can’t pay to have their website placed above these organic Google results if their keywords don’t match.

seo hay seo adwords hoạt độg thể nào

How does SEO work?

When users use the Search bar, Google will inventory all the websites in its index (where information about websites is stored) and search for the site with the most relevant information. The site will then be listed out to users on the results page.

For a web page to appear on the results page. The first thing is that Google has to index this page. Next, the website must have relevant and popular content.

For effective Google SEO advertising. You must optimize your website based on the above factors.

What is SEO Advertising

What is Google Ads advertising?

Google AdWords – Abbreviation of Google Advertisement Keywords – Keyword advertising (also known as – Pay-per-click advertising) is a commercial service run by Google.

This service allows companies to advertise their products, services, etc. (mainly websites).

When you sign up for the service, your ads will appear on the Google results table when users select related keywords.

How does Google AdWords work?

When using Google Adwords SEO services, all the rules will be set by you, including:

Choose daily limit

The maximum amount you want to spend per visit

The keywords you want to advertise.

Google will charge a certain fee depending on the service plan you use. There are 3 types of payments as follows:

Pay Per Click PPC (Pay per Click) – Charge per customer click on your ad – This is the most common form.

Pay per impressions PPM (Pay per Miles) – Charge for every 1000 ads that appear on Google.

Pay when a customer takes a specific action on your website after clicking on a PPA (Pay per Action) ad.

SEO or PPC is always a constant question for business owners

Your bid level and keyword relevance will determine where your ad appears and how it ranks. Typically, ads will appear at the top and right sides of the search page.

Compare SEO and Google Adwords

The same:

SEO and Google Ads both work based on search. Both optimize websites to attract users through the display when users search for keywords through Search Engine (search engine).

The difference:

Distinguish SEO and Google Adwords in general

For Google SEO, let the website appear on the search results page. You must optimize your website properly so that it displays well on many types of devices: computers, phones, tablets, …

Website content must also be given special attention. And SEO also takes more time than Google Ads advertising.

And when using the Google Ads service. Users only need to complete the service registration; your ad will be displayed as soon as the customer queries.

True to the name of the service – Keyword Advertising – You must choose your keywords wisely so that the keywords match the words most commonly used by users to attract more traffic to your website.

Table comparing the difference between SEO and Google Adwords

Do you know:

Up to 64% of customers will click on at least 1 of the 3 ads at the top of the SERPs.

To distinguish the difference between SEO and Google Adwords more clearly. I will go into the analysis of Google Ads vs. SEO:

Ads show only on Google channels. Display on all search engines: Google, Bing!, Yahoo,…
Pay per customer Click. Free – Or charge when using an external web seo service.  
The keywords used for the ad need not be related to the website content Content is the deciding factor for keywords.  
Ads are displayed only after 5 minutes of completing service registration It takes a long time to develop content and website.  
Ads will be stopped immediately when the advertiser stops paying. Ranking does not decrease as soon as SEO stops  
Ads appear at the top of the page right at the beginning of the campaign – attracting visitors very early – especially suitable for seasonal products business. Must improve and level the website. Develop website content regularly to ensure business efficiency
Competitors are other search engines like Yahoo, Bing!,… Competitors are websites operating in the same field.  



In short, both have their characteristics, but both have the same purpose: To help you get more traffic through search engines.

To better understand each method. I will help you understand the basic pros and cons of Google Ads and SEO right here!


seo google adwords và ppc

Pros and Cons of SEO

Advantages of SEO

Brand identity

Visibility through keywords on search engines makes it easy for businesses to reach potential customers.

This is similar to when you use ads but in a more natural way. And that is what drives brand recognition.


Having your site displayed around relevant search promotes brand interests in a positive way.

Brands will be associated with keywords when users search – By accident or on purpose – They will refer to it and lead to buying options when they have a need.

Reputation and trust

When your website is displayed, it is not related to paying so that users will have a more sympathetic and trusting view.

Many people often ignore ads and choose organic results. So when they proactively come to your website (at least they feel like it) – customers will put more trust in your website.


SEO Google helps increase website traffic helps create more opportunities to promote brand awareness and make customers remember the brand.


While SEO isn’t easy, it’s generally more cost-effective in the long run than other marketing tactics (in delivering comparable brand awareness and Traffic).


There are a lot of searches every day. Therefore, to expand your reach, you need visibility on the search page.

You won’t have to pay for each click or advertise separately for each part of your website, so Google SEO – With a wide range of keywords – is the most suitable method.

In addition, the time displayed when searched can be up to 6 months or longer.

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Disadvantages of SEO


In many cases, displaying results takes time. And sometimes, you can’t get to the top of the search results. Giants like Amazon and eBay often dominate results. When this happens, you need to rethink your new strategy.


You need to develop content to grow search rankings.

Not every business has the resources to deal with content issues – Which can cause quite a few obstacles.

To build safe and sustainable link tactics, you need the help of an SEO expert – This can cost a lot of time and money. However, to avoid “losing money,” you should choose people with SEO certificates from reputable centers, do not rush to believe in “quacks” who claim to be “doctors”!


When the website is optimized for SEO Google, long-tail keywords and low-competition keywords from sites in the same niche will be pulled up.

Pros and Cons of Google Adwords

Advantages of Google Adwords

Ad placement

Paid ads are placed above organic searches (i.e., SEO and related results). Typically 4 ads will show on desktop and 3 ads on mobile devices.

Users will always see paid ads when searching for the right keywords. Even when they scroll through these ads, it still shows up.

Category ads

This is where you sell your products; Google provides options for product listing ads or PLAs – where they help users see what they’ll land on.

This ad type improves click-through rates by including images in the ad, which organic search results don’t have.


PPC gives you tight control over your budget. You can define how much you’re willing to spend on ads at a time and set limits in your Google Ads settings.

Targeting ability

PPC provides service users with leads with a series of presets.

Target advertising is targeted by search keywords. Time of day, day of the week, geographic location, language, device. And audience based on previous visits. Meanwhile, natural search is more random and unstable.


While developing organic search takes too much time. A PPC campaign can be created in a few days and effectively deployed in a few weeks.

While developing organic search takes too much time. A PPC campaign can be created in a few days and effectively deployed in a few weeks.

To be in front of customers when they need it. Then there is no faster way than paid advertising. This PPC method is even more suitable if you trade in seasonal and trending products.

Pull Traffic to the website

Through ad clicks, information about page access rates. The time customers stay on the website will be stored. From there, the web owner can develop new plans to change the content and form of the website accordingly. This is especially relevant for websites that many people do not yet know.

Disadvantages of Google Adwords


PPC can be pretty expensive if you use it uncontrollably and monitor your campaign poorly, especially when targeting nationwide or running international campaigns. In addition, if there are other advertisers involved in the same field, the cost will be inflated.

And on top of that, PPC is paid search advertising. So when the payment stops, your ads will disappear immediately.

In terms of strategy

Strategically, PPC is relatively easy to copy. If a competitor notices you’re running ads, they might run ads too. Your messages can be easily imitated and stolen by your competitors.

Choose one of the two, or should you use both at the same time?

1. Only SEO or Google Adwords

The question my clients are most often asked: “Is SEO better or is Google Ads PPC better?” Is SEO better, or is Google Ads PPC better?

In fact, there is no definite answer to this question. Both methods have their pros and cons, as I have analyzed above.

It would help if you relied on the business situation, short-term and long-term goals. And target customers and the market to choose the most suitable method.

There are two main differences when it comes to SEO and PPC advertising.

Paid advertising (PPC) appears at the top of the page, above the SEO listing.

Traffic through SEO is free, while with PPC, the more Traffic, the more money you have to pay.

In short, you should use SEO Google Adwords if you need fast Traffic. If you want to grow slowly and sustainably online, you should use SEO.

In many cases, SEO and PPC will be most effective when combined.

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2. Use both SEO & Google Adwords

When used correctly, SEO Google Ads & SEO Google Adwords can both work effectively together.

A guide to budget allocation for long-term PPC and SEO goals

The advantages of combining both methods include:

Keywords and conversion data from PPC can be used for SEO and vice versa to increase brand awareness.

Drive Traffic with PPC for keywords that Google SEO ads do not have a positive order. You can also use PPC to test consumer response to specific keywords. From there, come up with a better SEO advertising plan.

Fast development thanks to PPC and sustainable thanks to Google SEO advertising

When you combine SEO & PPC, you can remake to reach old customers.

In addition, the combination of both methods will help businesses make more intelligent decisions thanks to abundant data from both sides.

You can compare the data of the two methods to develop a marketing strategy and change the website in the future.


I believe that after this article, you already have enough information about Google SEO advertising and Google Adwords SEO to make the right choice for your business.

In general, SEO or Google Adwords both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have the right strategy, both of these solutions will benefit your business.

Good luck!

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