Essential skills for seo manager

Essential skills for SEO manager

Digital Marketing has completely changed the way businesses do business and created many new industries, including SEO. Accordingly, SEO Manager is also a relatively new profession today. If you are passionate about SEO and want to know how to train an SEO Manager, this article is for you.

An effective SEO strategy cannot be without the guidance of an SEO Manager. So what is SEO Manager?

What is SEO Manager?

SEO is the process of optimizing websites and content to achieve the highest rankings on Google. However, the front page position is getting harder and harder as Google keeps updating its algorithm.

As an SEO Manager (or SEO Leader), you need to evaluate the overall SEO, then work with the digital marketing team to run an effective campaign and optimize the website, social media, and other content.


đào tạo seo manager là gì

What is SEO Manager?

The student’s task is to bring traffic to the website, but it is useless if that traffic is not of good quality.

Students of SEO Manager must consider all aspects of search and devise a strategy to find lead information. SEO also helps in the conversion of website visitors into buyers.

With hundreds of thousands of websites written on the same topic, SEO Manager students are responsible for orienting the content and attracting the right customers.

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The job of SEO Manager

At first glance, the job of an SEO Manager student does not seem to be too different from that of a Marketing Manager.

Both have the same goal of increasing awareness and sales.

However, the SEO Manager trainee role will be a bit more technical, requiring more specialized knowledge. It would help if you were an SEO expert before Becoming an SEO Manager. Some of the duties of this position include:

-Website, social media, and content optimization

-Manage your website content

-Building and taking care of the online community

-Build backlinks

-Plan and organize campaigns

-Website management and user analysis

-Project management SEO in particular and digital marketing in general

-Keyword research

-Market analysis

-Requirements for SEO Manager


1. Psychology of user behavior

kiến thức trong đào tạo seo manager

Capturing information, user psychology, and behavior will help students better understand customers, why they click, like, share content and buy products.

Knowledge of SEO manager: Psychology of user behavior

2. Storytelling Skill

This skill is entirely different from copywriting. Storytelling is knowing how to organize ideas to tell a logical story. And copywriting will use words to translate that story.

3. Data analysis

Before diving into Excel, Looker, SQL…, you need a background knowledge of data and analytics so that you can detect problems from the data and deal with them in time.

4. Research

Research here means investigating customers to understand their experiences, problems, and desires, thereby solving the problem and satisfying that desire.

5. Design and UX

As an SEO Manager, you don’t need to be a professional designer, but you should at least have an aesthetic eye to choose the best designs for your website.

6. Copywriting

As mentioned above, copywriting is choosing the best and most appropriate words to convey the message to your customers.

7. Sketch, Canva, and Wireframing

This is the foundation knowledge of design as well as UX.

Once you’ve mastered design fundamentals, you can use Sketch and Canva to create your simple designs. If you are more professional, you can use other photoshop software.

8. Videos

For many companies, video is an important communication channel, invested in a separate track.

For me, video is an integral part of social media marketing. Therefore, SEO Manager needs to know how to create attractive videos that attract more users.

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9. Figures and Excel

This is the next step of data and analysis. You need to aggregate all the data into a spreadsheet to track metrics and goals.

Training SEO managers must know how to use excel and data

10. HTML and CSS

Knowledge of code will be very useful when implementing SEO on blog posts, landing pages, email designs…

11. Customer Experience (CX)

học SEO manger - kiến thức về số liệu thống kê phần mềm excel

A good SEO Manager must always think about the customer, from designing the consultation form interface and inbox box to writing compelling content for your campaigns.

12. CRO

CRO (or Conversion Rate Optimization) is the bottom of the funnel marketing. The goal is to increase the conversion rate on many different channels such as landing page, CTA, ad, content, etc.

13. Content marketing

Content marketing is mainly blogs; there are also other content types such as video, audio, slideshow, etc.

Learn SEO manager: build content marketing

14. SEO

học seo manager phải biết xây dựng chiến dịch content marketing

Everything related to SEO, from on-page content, off-page link building to technical factors.

15. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the “rival” of SEO on the SERP, but it will be very effective for businesses when combining Google Ads vs. SEO.

In a digital marketing campaign, paid advertising includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SEM, media sponsorship, banner, and ad display.

16. PR

PR aims to gain brand awareness and awareness, including press contacts, inbound PR, and communication activities.

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1. Strategic vision

SEO Manager must develop a strategic vision and build an SEO plan that adheres to business goals. A strategic vision will help you shape the right approach and predict what value SEO will bring to your business over time.

The SEO Manager must be able to develop a strategic vision.

2. Understand SEO methods

SEO manager có tầm nhìn chiến lược dài hạn - đào tạo seo manager

From the strategy, the SEO Manager will deploy specific methods. SEO Manager needs to know how to SEO on all three aspects of Onpage, Offpage, and Technical.

To understand the SEO skills that an SEO Manager needs, you can refer to the article Top 11 Essential SEO Skills that SEOers must-have here .

3. Content marketing

I have to emphasize content SEO as a separate skill because of the importance of content in SEO. The benefits of combining SEO and content marketing include:

Keyword research

Plan your campaign

Developing quality content

Share content


4. Analysis and insight:

SEO Managers must be able to analyze the results, thereby drawing insights for the SEO project. While some large companies will have their insight analysis teams, you should also hone this skill to increase your advantage in SEO.

Understanding KPIs and success metrics: Measure current results, compare with ongoing strategy, research insights and adjust SEO process more optimally.

Understand the competition: Compare with the competition, recognize gaps, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

5. Participate in brand management

A good SEO Manager builds content and manages the web, optimizes the website, and understands the brand to create the right content and SEO roadmap.

Although SEO Managers are not experts in business branding, they also need to know what a brand is and how it affects the SEO Manager’s work.

6. Participate in human resource management and team building

Managing people is never an easy skill, but a good SEO Manager needs to work with a group, allocate resources, motivate, and ensure the SEO process goes smoothly.

Some of the essential elements in human resource management are:


Set expectations



7. Management of stakeholders

To make a successful SEO strategy needs support from different departments, not individually. Therefore, SEO Manager must know how to coordinate with stakeholders such as:

SEO Project Management







Managing SEO requires you to be involved, technically proficient, and have thinking and soft skills.

The above skills and knowledge, when used, will help SEO Manager control the strategy closely, set reasonable goals, and deploy the correct method for on-page, off-page and technical.

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