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what a SEO Marketer should do? 12 steps to improve your skills

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 SEO is about making a website rank as high as possible on search results. So what details does an SEO person need to implement? Let’s find out together

1. Plan SEO every month to  year

      The SEO plan should have specific implementation activities based on the current state of the business while focusing on the end goal.

   Schedule work every month

The plan should be clear in the following:

  • Objectives (SEO audit, topic expansion, …)
  • Detailed Execution Items
  • Deployment date
  • Executor

   2. Keyword Research

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Keywords are also very important for SEO

Keyword research is one of the first steps in the SEO process.

    And the search for related keywords should always be updated to serve the next SEO steps, about once every 2 weeks.

     If you work with a sales team, gather information from them to know what content/topics are often covered in meetings with customers. From here you can get different insights from traditional keyword searches.

     Note: When doing keyword research, in addition to the main keywords that need SEO, you should also look for Semantic Keywords. Optimizing for Semantic Search  will help both users and Google understand your content well want to transmit, thereby evaluating the website higher.

3.Build unique article content in SEO

    Besides adding articles that are relevant to customer insights to convince them to enter the sales funnel more effectively, you also need to review old articles published 6 months ago to update new content, or implement new content. do more SEO standard article optimization.

4. Onpage analysis and optimization

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Onpage optimization for your articles

Onpage SEO says a lot about the health of a website. Good onpage optimization also helps your website appear in special results positions such as feature snippets or knowledge graphs, closer to readers.

Feature snippet is a piece of content displayed on search results extracted by Google from a website to quickly answer user questions.

Snippets greatly influence a page’s CTR on Google search engine results rankings, including:

  •    Title tag
  •    Meta description tag
  •     and URLs.

     The more these 3 factors are related to search keywords and user intent, the higher the chances of users clicking on your page.

    That’s why I perform weekly analysis to see if the snippets have answered the user’s query on the search results table – SERPs (short for Search Engine Results Page)? Is it attractive enough or not?

    To optimize content for users and search engines-Google, you should keep a few notes in mind:

  •     Optimizing keywords for URLs, Headings
  •     Set attractive titles, increase CTR
  •      There are meta descriptions for all content
  •      Build a good internal link system
  •      Fix broken links
  •      Add alt text to images on the website

    This is an important part of SEO, and of course I also have an in-depth article dedicated to it: Onpage SEO: 24 Fast Onpage Optimization Standards 2021 

I know, SEO knowledge is very extensive and there are many things you need to study. But “trying hard will have success”, right?

Come with me through my next work in SEO

5. Interaction with Customers

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     Pay attention to reader comments.

     Interacting with customers through responding to comments or connecting content (questions, communication sentences) like the way I’m “communicating” with you through this article, will increase the level of love. Like and trust for you higher. And at the same time you also have the opportunity to understand your customers better.

6. Build internal and external links

     Links are also an important part

Quality backlink  is the key in doing SEO, is one of the factors affecting website ranking on Google search engine and other search engines as well.

     I’ve always been concerned with the authority and health of the links. The purpose is to make sure that the people who visit your website are the ones you’re targeting.

      I do this every week. But at the same time, I am also looking for opportunities to build new relevant and quality backlinks.

7. Design, upgrade the UX UI of the website

    Don’t forget to pay attention to website structure design and navigation.

The design of your website directly affects the user experience when visiting your website.

     I often review pages to see if they meet the goal of a persona. Persona is a fictitious user base on your website’s user base.

     Using a heatmap also helps you understand the user’s navigational characteristics. For example, the user’s eye area focuses on understand the most, the area users click on the most… From there, update the position of the company’s banner, strategic button, increase CTR!

     Find social networks to promote your brand

No matter how high-quality content you create, it’s useless if it can’t reach users. A popular method to achieve that is through Social Media Marketing (advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, …) will be an effective bridge to promote content, especially when you have a following. certain interactions.

     It is important for businesses to understand how their readers operate on social networks to strategize accordingly.

    You can learn how Youtube SEO is and how to SEO Youtube effective

9. Analyze and evaluate competitors

Keep an eye out for competitors in the same SEO industry

Are you wondering: What are the techniques/strategies that competitors are applying to do SEO?

In this case, I’m not just talking about the competition in the marketplace, but also the competition on the search results page.

man writing on whiteboard

10. Management of returned metrics (metrics)

    Daily tracking of metrics

    This is an essential task that measures your efforts and knows how your website/blog is performing.

     The first task of each day is to analyze the performance of the blog site and check for any suspicious behavior (both positive and negative)

SEO planing.

11. Analysis of Persona

Analyze your persona

As I said, the customer persona determines the entire marketing strategy.

So schedule regular reviews. From there, you can know if your is targeting the right audience. ideal customer at the present time or not.

I do analysis as needed, but I recommend reviewing your ideal customer profile every 6 months. From there, rely on the content of your persona profile to build content on the website or website content strategy.

12. Report report, re-evaluate based on the proposed Plan

Prepare necessary reports

The report helps us locate other departments in the company related to the SEO work we are developing. From there it is possible to bring interesting comparisons of the results achieved.

So, what information needs to be presented in the SEO report? Check it out with me!

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Growth over the previous month
  • Most visited pages
  • New Ranking
  • Post conversion rate percentage
  • With customers
  • New link

If you’re an agency and need to report on results, focus on metrics that deliver the real results your clients expect. For example, traffic or conversion rate.

   Better SEO Tools

white notebook

When implementing an SEO project, supporting tools seem to be an indispensable factor. Without these tools, SEO work will become unprofessional, unclear and of course will not be able to achieve the results that businesses want. Below is a list of tools by function, you should install to use when SEO.

Onpage optimization tools

  • SEOquake
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Creator
  • Cora SEO: advanced onpage optimization
  • Google Pagespeed Insights measures load speed

Link Analysis Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • Open site explorer
  • Moz Link Explorer
  • LinkMiner

Content optimization tools

  • Yoast SEO
  • Ahrefs SEO toolbar
  • Surfer SEO
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • KWFinder
  • SERP Robot
  • Copyscape
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Google Trends
  • UX/UI improvement tools

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

  • SERP Simulator
  • Google Mobile Friendly Test

Keyword research tool

  • Google Keywords Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Spineditor.com

Website analytics tools

  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Website Auditor
  • Google Search Console
  • SEO Web Page Analyzer
  • Panguin tool
  • Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Rank Tracker (in SEO Powersuite’s toolkit)


For more details about the features and usage of the above tools, you can immediately refer to the article “TOP 25 Top Free SEO Tools (Updated 2021)  ” in the blog section!

Google Algorithms

Google’s algorithms greatly affect the SEO results of many Websites. Therefore, SEO people need to know how to adapt to the constant changes coming from Google.

Here are some of the biggest algorithms SEOers need to know:

  1. Panda algorithm
  2. Penguin Algorithm
  3. Pirate Algorithm
  4. Hummingbird algorithm
  5. Pigeon’s algorithm
  6. Mobile Friendly
  7. RankBrain
  8. Possum’s algorithm
  9. Fred’s Algorithm

Let’s find out in detail the content of each of the above algorithms!

What are the most popular Google algorithms that affect SEO the most?

    Panda algorithm

The target of the Panda algorithm is websites with low quality, poor content, spam, copy, etc. When the site violates these errors and is handled by the Panda algorithm, getting a high ranking o on search engines is impossible.

Penguin Algorithm

Websites with poor quality link profiles, spammy and unnatural links, will be processed by the Penguin algorithm and cannot be at the top of the search results.

Pirate Algorithm

The goal of the Pirate algorithm is to handle websites that violate content piracy, which are reported by many violations.

Hummingbird algorithm

With the Google Hummingbird algorithm, websites with keyword-stuffed articles or incorrect keyword targeting will be handled.

Pigeon’s algorithm

Poorly optimized websites, improperly set up Google My Business, or conflicting business contact information or missing citations in the local directory will all be handled by Pigeon.

Mobile Friendly

The Mobile Friendly algorithm will screen websites that don’t have a mobile version, websites that have too small text, or lines that are too close together leading to users having difficulty reading, using many Plugins, or having restrictions. bad view to handle violations.


The target of the RankBrain algorithm is websites that lack relevance to a particular query or provide a poor user experience.

This algorithm has the function of handling websites with similar addresses or providing similar services.

Possum’s algorithm

This algorithm has the function of handling websites with similar addresses or providing similar services.

Fred’s Algorithm

The audience that the Fred algorithm targets are websites with too many ads, spam, poor quality content, not user-oriented.

This algorithm when launched has caused many websites to reduce traffic. There are even websites that have reduced to 1/10th of what it used to be.

Businesses when building websites should pay attention to the algorithms to be able to bring their website to the top of the search engine.

Popular forms of SEO

    There are many popular forms of SEO today, but the end result is still increasing traffic, optimizing conversions for the website. Let’s take a look below.

SEO Branding

     SEO focuses on increasing brand awareness, spreading entities about businesses to help increase brand strength, prioritize ranking on SERPs, and help build a good image in the hearts of customers. From there, creating good efficiency for the business of the company and enterprise.

SEO Sales

    Sales SEO is currently the most popular form of SEO today, especially for e-commerce sites (SEO E-Commerce).

    With e-commerce growing stronger and more popular, the trend of online shopping is increasing, leading to more and more SEO sales of products.

   SEO is the natural way to reach potential customers. So when customers search for keywords, their purpose is to find information. By providing information, you can advertise and sell your products.

    The form of SEO Sales not only brings revenue but also a way to connect and retain customers. Through the quality information you share, customers will regularly update and gradually become close friends. This is an effective sales method and a cost-effective form of online marketing.

SEO Crisis

     An SEO crisis is when your website suddenly loses its stability and rankings on search engines. It brings heavy economic and mental losses to website owners. If not handled properly, it can lead to irreparable damage.

Common causes of SEO crisis are:

  • Badly played by opponents by pumping dirty links
  • Link building strategy is too much and not diverse
  • The content is not creative, there is too much copy content
  • Use black hat SEO tricks,….

Process for handling an SEO crisis:

  • Identify the cause of the SEO crisis
  • Filter and disavow dirty backlinks, filter and edit seriously error content, etc.
  • Re-optimize the entire site for Google-friendly
  • Contact the declaration directly with Google to be handled as soon as possible
  • New site development goes hand in hand with crisis work to maximize your time and your benefits.

SEO Traffic

    Usually website traffic often comes from different sources

  • Direct (Direct)
  • Referral (indirect – Through an intermediary site)
  • Organic Search (Through search engines)
  • Social (Through social networking sites)
  • Traffic needs to be the right audience (through the website they come from, through the relevant intermediary). From there, it will help bring efficiency to the Website.

SEO Trends

    Two trends are often chosen when SEO Trends are: Hot trends and upcoming trends:

Hot trends are daily hot events on television and the Internet.

An impending trend is a form of SEO pick-up. For example, using keywords related to World Cup 2018, Apple Army 2018, …

This form of SEO helps bring a lot of traffic, but the level of competition is quite fierce. At the same time, only effective for a certain time.


“What is SEO? (Learn SEO in 5 Minutes)” – Neil Patel


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